Triangular LED Flashing Warning Light

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Powered by 4 "AA" batteries, the Double Function Triangular Warning Light's reflective and illuminated warning system is hightly effective during heavy fog, rain, or in poorly lit roads.  The flash is visible at 3280 ft. and the reflective area is visible at 820 ft. under normal weather conditions.

Law enforcement and emergency management personnel rely on our emergency warning triangle lights for increased safety, superior product features, and cost savings advantages.   Click on Product Information for complete specifications and comparisons or click on Order Inquires to receive your pricing quote.

The Base is heavy duty steel mounted to last for years. The stability of the units rests upon our well designed base.

The base has a locking device which ensures stability to withstand high wind conditions.

A double blister plastic enclosure lends itself to ease of storage and portability. Unit size is 16" high.

A 12V DC adapter cord is available as a standard accessory in 25' length and 75' length as an optional purchase.

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Model No. LED 051FF available in red. This is a double function flashing light with reflector.

model LED051FFS available in red or amber. This is a triple function flashing or steady warning light with reflector.

Triangle has easy open base for sturdy placement

Base also has a locking device to further ensure stability

Base folds in for easy storage

Each triangle light comes with optional DC auto adapter or may be run on four "AA" alkaline batteries

The triangle in action

Our packaging - Each unit is housed in a bouble blister plastic casing for ease of use an storage.

Power swicth is easy to use and flat so it won't break

A close up view
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