Lt. Larry Dombrowski, Erie County, PA DUI Task Force:

"I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the double function warning light triangles  I purchased from your company.

As the supervisor of the Erie County DUI Task force, I am always looking for products that can make our sobriety checkpoint operations safer for police officers and the motoring public.

Because sobriety checkpoints are conducted late at night and into the early hours of the morning, lighting and safety equipment are extremely important. The double function warning light triangle have proved to be one of the best safety equipment purchases I have made.

The lighted triangles reduces the numbers of officers I have to assign to traffic control and allows me to utilize those officers to interview DUI suspects.

Until the LED double function warning light triangle I had never had much success with battery operated devices. The batteries would usually wear down before the completion of a four hour sobriety checkpoint operation. I have been able to use the LED double function Lighted Triangles for three checkpoints on a single set of AA batteries."

Another excerpt of a letter from a pleased buyer:

Sheriff Joseph A.Gerace, Chautauqua County, NY Office of the Sheriff

" I am writing to you regarding the Double Function Triangular Warning Lights that our agency recently purchased. We are extremely pleased with the functionality of these units. We are utilizing them in traffic control situations and at accident scenes. They are visible from great distances and have proven to be very durable and effective in warning motorists of upcoming hazards.

We have equipped each marked patrol car with a set of the Warning Lights as our mobile DWI enforcement unit. By utilizing the LED triangle Double Function Warning Lights, we have dramatically reduced the number of road flares that this agency is purchasing. Your warning light is much more advantageous than a flare in many cases. Not only is it reusable but it is also environmentally safe.

We have been using your product for over a year with exceptional results." 

Another excerpt of a letter from a pleased buyer:

Samuel R. Arcadipane / Russell L. Payne, Southern Tier Technical Investigations

"I would like to take this time to commend your firm for the quality and effectiveness of your LED Warning Triangle.  Our investigation firm performs post incident investigations often at high traffic areas.

Prior to the purchase of your units, we used traffic cones to protect us from oncoming vehicular traffic.  Often times, vehicles of all sizes would seem to ignore the cones and came dangerously close to our personnel.  Since the deployment of your units, we have observed that not only do on coming vehicles slow down, but also provided safer distance due to the effectiveness of the LED flashers.  We are impressed with the compact design, roadside stability and the duration of flashing and intensity while employing a single set of batteries.

We highly recommend these units for use in roadside situations for emergency services personnel, and feel they would be a safe, economical method of protection as opposed to the use of standard road flares.

Thank you for making these units available to our firm.  In the future, should the need arise to use the name of our firm as a professional reference, please feel free to do so."

Vic Weaver, ALLTEL Corp., CUSA, MESH Corporate Safety/Health Manager

ALLTEL is constantly on the lookout for new safety products to enhance employee safety. We have found a product that we feel is one of the best innovations to assist an employee to be as visible as possible during any kind of outside work. Whether an employee is exposed to traffic, trying to make a work zone safer or marking an unsafe pole or line that's creating a road hazard, we now have access to a product that will inexpensively do all that.

Terence J. McDonnell, Technical Sergeant, New York State Police

I am writing to advise you that your LED signal light triangles received a positive evaluation in our field tests conducted in the Fall 2002 and Winter 2003. The triangles were tested by the New York State Police Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit in the Capital Region, and found to be superior in several ways to other methods of directional and hazard signage. Our members found them to be highly visible, easy to use, and beneficial to their commercial road check operations. Battery life was a specific area of concern, and your product far exceeded expectations. The same batteries were used in fall and winter testing without failure, and seemingly regardless of temperature. Although no tests of durability were conducted, there has been no report of breakage to date.

Gary L. Ross, Administrator Staff Support

I wanted to write and tell you how pleased ALLTEL Pennsylvania is with your Double Functioning Triangular Warning Lights that we recently purchased. We needed to eliminate flares from all our trucks for safety reasons. We tried other means of marking our Company vehicles but had no satisfaction with either the visibility or cost of the products. We now use the Warning Light for other than emergency uses.

We are very satisfied with the functionality and visibility of your Warning Triangles. It can be seen at a long distance in all types of weather conditions including direct sunlight. Our entire workforce, to include upper management, has readily accepted them. We have put your products in all our vans, line trucks and supervisory vehicles.

We feel that we now ahve a product that gives a great amount of safety and visability to our employees. We would highly recommend the use of this product to other companies.

Thanks for making me aware of your lights.

POII Oren Haydel #381, Lafayette city Police Department, Lafayette Louisiana

This product is an excellent traffic management device. We used it for an OWI checkpoint, and placed 8 of these units, along with orange cones, to define the area used for the checkpoint. The LED triangles were only used at night, and were visible for at least 1000m. These LED triangles were visible even with the street lights, and overhead blue police lights.

These LED lights improved our safety at this checkpoint, over having used just cones and police lights. I used 6 triangles on battery power, and 2 powered by the supplied DC adapter. The lights worked well under both conditions.

I recommend that when funds become available for equipment purchases, related to the OWI checkpoints, that this product be considered a necessity and purchased accordingly. These devices would also be useful in the rear of a patrol car for regular patrol duties.

Noble S. Appiah, National Road Safety Commission, Ghana West Africa

Following verification test carried out on your road safety device by the Building and Road Research Institute (BRRI), I am happy to let you know that the device has been assessed to possess a high rate of performance.

The introduction of the device on the Ghanaian market will contribute to reduction and prevention of accidents involving disabled vehicles.

The National Road Safety Commission approves of the device for sale on the Ghanaian market.

Carl S. McKee, DUI Program Director, Warren Pennsylvania

Just a note to let you know that the Warren County DUI program utilizes (your) warning light. The warning light is a very visible reminder and warning to drivers as they pass through the Checkpoint Operation.