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The Gateway to Africa for American Made Products /////African Connection for Corporate America
Welcome to the BNO Intl Trading Co., Inc. website.

BNO Intl Trading Co. Inc., located in Jamestown, NY, is an import/export company whose mission is to promote premium American made Products to countries in Africa and create expanded trade opportunities benefiting manufacturer and consumer. BNO Intl Trading Co. provides a link for corporate America's manufacturers to develop profitable markets in Africa with confidence from working with an established firm. Proud of our product offering, BNO Intl Trading Co. supplies the highest quality safety products, the world's best snack products, and is introducing new products regularly.


  • Engage in sales and marketing of proprietary products within the USA as well as countries in Africa
  • Identify high demand products for exportation
  • Unite international markets and build lasting partnerships
  • Locate established USA manufacturers, off shore buyers, and distributors
  • Negotiate domestic and international contracts/orders
  • Complete order management
  • Arrange shipping, compliance to trade regulations
  • Insure payment
  • Blend economic development with social responsibility

BNO Intl Trading Co. is also a supplier of specialized safety warning products for US government agencies, law enforcement agencies, fire rescue and related services. Our warning products have been engineered to the unique specifications of BNO Intl Trading Co. specifically to meet the safety requirements of the security industry.

BNO Intl Trading Co. leads in emergency road lighting. Our LED Trangular Warning Lights, far more effective than similar use products, are sweeping the United States and gaining rapid international recognition. The assurance of better protection, easy set up and take down for emergency response personnel as they perform risky tasks, make BNO road safety lighting products invaluable. As in all of BNO products, you will be pleased with the quality of your purchase.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest and invite you to experience ourstanding export or domestic sales & service with BNO Intl Trading Co. For questions, comments, suggestions, request for quotations, or new products distribution, please contact us at (716) 487-1900 or e-mail us at bnointltrade@madbbs.com.